The call for proposals is now closed – if you submitted a proposal, thank you!  You will receive an email with your acceptance status by the beginning of August 2018.


The 11th annual Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA) Conference organized by the Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning and Equity (SCALE) will be held October 19-20, 2018 at the San Jose Hilton and Convention Center.  The Program Committee welcomes proposals from implementers of edTPA, the P-12 community and all individuals who support teachers and teacher candidates with performance assessment.  This year, we are also excited to invite proposals from our international colleagues and educators who are involved with teacher performance assessment and evaluation on a global level.  Proposals that were submitted by June 15th are currently under review; however, the final, extended deadline for additional submissions is now July 1st, 2018.

This conference is an opportunity for sharing of ideas and best practices. We strongly encourage an exchange of resources and materials to support Teacher Performance Assessment implementation, policy, and research.  Our goal is to create a conference agenda that will allow presenters and attendees to share and develop practices, perspectives, and research through interaction.  We seek proposals for “interactive sessions” that will integrate presentation with active engagement of the audience in discussion and activities related to performance assessment.  Although the committee understands the limitations of conference style seating arrangements, we encourage proposals with activities that intentionally promote significant audience participation.

We request proposals designed for specific strands (listed below), but will also consider submissions on other topics that provide insight into the implementation process and/or the impact of teacher education policy.  Space is limited at the conference, so not every submission will not be accepted, but all proposals will be considered and evaluated through a peer-review process.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal, please plan to have the following information ready:

  • Contact Information for all presenters
  • Session Title
  • Strand associated with your session (see strands listed below)
  • 200 word abstract describing the purpose of your session as it relates to your selected strand
  • 2-3 central questions that your session will address
  • Brief description of how your session will be interactive and engage attendees
  • Brief description of resource(s) you will provide to attendees of your session

Session strand options:

  • Candidate Support & Feedback
  • Program Renewal & Local Evaluation
  • P-12 Partner Engagement & Induction
  • Academic Language
  • Teacher Performance Assessment Policy & Research
  • Other Teacher Assessment Topics (you will be asked to provide more details)

You will also be asked to indicate if your session focuses on:

  • New Implementers of edTPA
  • Experienced Implementers of edTPA
  • Global/International Teacher Performance Assessment
  • Specific Content Area or Grade Level (e.g. Secondary)

Once you have prepared all of the necessary information, please click here to complete and submit your proposal.